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Testimonial - A very satisfied GTX customer

I've been using the GTX software from TRB for three years now and have just locked into a fourth without hesitation.

The GTX software and System Developer are exceptional, and have allowed me to go to the next level with my punting - from hobby punter to effectively a semi-professional.
In conjunction with sensible proportional betting staking strategies, a decent and growing bankroll, a personal quest for as much knowledge as possible and a lot of discipline, I've been able to develop, refine and implement my own strategies based around the WPR and Trakform ratings.
The breadth of what I'm able to do with the GTX package and System Developer, especially in terms of finding and refining Targeted Bet Selection strategies using the ratings as a base, has revolutionised my punting.
My confidence in the product, and what I'm doing with it, has also grown to the point that I am betting amounts I would have considered way out of my comfort zone three years ago.
Now, even if I lose on a single bet or single day, I have full faith that things will turn around and I will make money long-term. I don't blink when the bad beats come or losing run hits. I know long-term I will be in front, and have been at the end of the year for the past three years.
What is also exceptional about GTX is the level of service from Dennis and Daniel. TRB has prompt and reliable back-up and both gentlemen have always been available to help, either via phone or email, to sometimes left-field questions. No question's too silly or out there, and they answer honestly and openly and very, very promptly. Having that sort of expertise and integrity in your corner is priceless.
In punting, my aim for any given year is to make enough money to pay for our annual family holiday the following year. For three years, we've managed to do that and I'm confident that won't be any different in 2019.
I can thoroughly recommend GTX software and the System Developer.

GH - 4/12/2018 (via email)

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  • Tim McNamara

    6/17/2020 11:06:36 AM |

    "neural algorithm ratings" would suggest to me that you are using AI?

    I believe that this is the REAL future of punting.